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How to win the financial services compliance game

A well architected and integrated CRM, overlayed with the requisite business discipline, makes it possible for financial services businesses to capture and store all the data needed to meet their compliance obligations. Fin365’s customised version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM was built by Australian financial advisers to help counter the complexity and costs resulting from the ever-changing regulatory requirements.

“Tech Intensity”​ for Financial Services SMEs

In a recent blog post, William Borden, Microsoft CVP of Financial Services Industry, introduced the concept of Tech Intensity and it’s impact on business success. While Borden focused on the bigger end of town, the components of his formula are just as relevant for smaller organisations where the relationship with the end customer is even deeper.

Fin365 - A better approach to risk profiling

Investfit modelling system redefines risk

Investfit has developed a tool that helps advisers present information in a way their clients are able to understand how much retirement income they give up in exchange for more stable short-term investment returns. The question for the client becomes “you could have $64,000 per year in retirement with 90% certainty* (top right of the chart), but you will likely experience some large negative investment returns on the way (eg a loss of 35% in one year), or you can have only $44,000 per year in retirement with the same 90% certainty* (bottom left of the chart) but experience a smoother ride, which would you prefer?”

Financial Adviser vs Robo-Adviser

Robo-Adviser will be no match for the Enhanced Adviser

Industry Commentary

It may be the experience I’ve gained over 20 years working in both the technology and financial services industries, or it could just be because I’m an avid Avengers fan, but I’m going to go out on a limb and make a bold prediction; the Robo-Adviser will be no match for the Enhanced Adviser.