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Fintech companies FinPal and Investfit deliver real-time modelling for financial advisers

Fin365 - Investfit Integration

Investfit and FinPal aim to streamline the advice process by delivering real-time advice modelling to an adviser’s financial planning software system.

Investfit’s cloud-based system uses sophisticated predictive analytics to maximise financial goals, such as retirement income, by simulating a person’s financial future using technology that crunches billions of calculations in real time.

According to FinPal’s CEO, Stephen Handley the open-architecture philosophy of modern software will substantially increase adviser efficiency and client satisfaction, “The average time for Statement of Advice production is more than 6 hours. This is a direct result of the way previous generation software was designed. Because our system uses open APIs, we’re able to connect to technologies like Investfit very easily, which will dramatically reduce the time taken to generate advice”

“Investfit’s modelling software enables advisers to deliver better outcomes for their clients. By connecting our systems, advisers will be able to generate Investfit modelling results in a matter of minutes. Client data stored in our CRM system will automatically flow to Investfit, and the output from the Investift system will flow back to FinPal for easy insertion into advice documentation”

FinPal’s financial planning software uses a customised version of Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM as its foundation and then extends the functionality of the core CRM through a collection of cloud based apps and integration with other systems.

James Claridge, Investfit’s co-founder, said integration with FinPal made perfect sense. “The primary goal of Investfit is to help advisers to deliver better quality advice and more efficiently. The FinPal system already stores all the data our system needs. So connecting the two systems and allowing data to flow between them was a logical next step”

Investfit’s and FinPal’s development teams have completed the integration and are now conducting beta testing with customers.

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