Fin365 Integrations

Microsoft Office 365

A key benefit of using Dynamics 365 CRM as the foundation for Fin365’s financial planning software is the quality integration with Microsoft’s products such as Outlook, Word and Excel. These integrations provide additional business efficiencies such as:

  • Emails sent to/from clients are automatically attached to their CRM record
  • CRM activities such as appointments sync directly to Outlook
  • Convert emails to CRM Leads/Opportunities directly from Outlook
  • CRM searches can be exported to Excel for manual manipulation
  • Export CRM reports to Word for custom edits
Fin365 Integrations - Microsoft Teams & SharePoint

Microsoft Teams & SharePoint

Teams and SharePoint are Microsoft’s cloud based team collaboration applications, providing an easy, efficient and secure way for your to organise information and collaborate with staff, partners and customers.

Store your business documents securely in the cloud so they can be accessed from anywhere, even on your phone. A local copy can be synced to your PC/Laptop for offline access. View documents related to Clients directly from their CRM records.

Fin365 Integrations Moneysoft


Moneysoft’s market-leading platform, supports financial professionals with dedicated solutions that enable them to provide financial management services, including cash flow, budgeting, saving and goal-tracking services.

Fin365’s connects to the Moneysoft system and automatically retrieves current account and cash flow information for your clients, significantly reducing manual data entry and providing a real time view of your clients’ complete financial situation. You can access a no-obligation free trial of the Moneysoft system, here.

Fin365 Integrations Microsoft AppSource

Microsoft AppSource

Microsoft has made it possible for 3rd party developers to easily expand the capabilities of Dynamics resulting in large ecosystem of useful apps.

Want to link Dynamics to your MailChimp marketing campaigns? Or set up automated workflows to send & track documents for electronic signature? Like sending SMS reminders to your clients before appointments? Check out AppSource to enable all these features and more.

Fin365 Integrations - Hub24


Hub24’s award-winning investment and superannuation platform offers broad product choice and an innovative experience for advisers and investors.

Fin365’s connects to the Hub24’s platform and automatically retrieves current information about your clients’ Hub24 accounts, significantly reducing manual data entry and providing a real time view of your clients’ financial situation.

Fin365 Integrations - Netwealth


Netwealth’s is an award winning Australian wealth management platform providers.

Fin365’s connects to the Netwealth’s system and automatically retrieves current information about your clients’ Netwealth accounts, significantly reducing manual data entry and providing a real time view of your clients’ financial situation.

Fin365 Integrations - Desktop Broker

Desktop Broker

Desktop Broker gives you all the tools you need to manage trading on behalf of your clients.

Datafeeds from Desktop Broker feed directly into the Fin365 CRM, providing daily updates of your clients’ accounts and investment holdings.

Fin365-Integrations - Class


Class has been developing and delivering cloud software solutions for the Australian wealth accounting market since 2009.

Fin365’s connects to the Class administration system and automatically retrieves current information about your clients’ accounts, significantly reducing manual data entry and providing a real time view of your clients’ financial situation.

Fin365 Integrations - Investfit


Investfit’s cloud-based system uses sophisticated predictive analytics to maximise financial goals, such as retirement income, by simulating a person’s financial future using technology that crunches billions of calculations in real time.

Client data from the Fin365 CRM can be securely sent to the Investfit system, allowing advisers to produce Investfit modelling results in a matter of minutes. The output from the Investift system then flows back to Fin365 for easy insertion into advice documentation.

Fin365 Integrations - Macquarie


Data entry, while important, can be time consuming and prone to human error. Let your team focus on high value activities by streamlining your Macquarie Cash Management Account (CMA), Macquarie Wrap and Macquarie Online Trading data.

Quickly establish a data connection between Macquarie and Fin365, for secure automated updates of your clients’ account information in the Fin365 system.

Fin365 Integrations - TAL


TAL is one of Australia’s leading life insurance companies, providing financial protection for over 3.7 million Australians. TAL’s data feeds automatically flow into the Fin365 system ensuring policy information about your clients is always up to date.


Praemium’s market leading platforms are used by financial advisers, investment managers, institutions, accountants and product providers to manage or administer their investments globally across more than 500,000 accounts.


Fin365’s AMP integration automatically updates CRM records with data from AMP’s North, Summit and Generations platforms.


Fin365’s BT Integration automatically updates CRM records with account and investment data from BT’s Panorama platform

MLC Wealth

Fin365’s MLC Integration automatically updates CRM records with account and investment data from MLC’s MasterKey platform


Fin365’s Challenger automatically updates CRM records with data from Challenger Annuities


Zurich Australia is part of the global Zurich Insurance Group that has served customers around the world for more than 135 years. Zurich’s data feeds automatically flow into Fin365’s financial planning CRM platform, ensuring information about your clients’ life insurance policies is always up to date.


Voyant’s AdviserGo is a powerful modelling solution that enables financial advisers to quickly construct and compare financial strategies and present the results to their clients in a way that is both visually appealing and easy to understand. Fin365’s integration with Voyant enables client data stored in a financial adviser’s CRM to flow instantly into Voyant, eliminating duplication of data entry.

Colonial First State

Fin365’s Colonial First State integration automatically updates CRM records with data from the First Choice platform.

Iress Xplan

Fin365’s Xplan Integration provides efficient synchronization of data from Fin365’s CRM into Xplan.

Fin365 and Xero Accounting Software

Xero Accounting

Fin365’s integration with Xero’s Accounting platform automates the flow of Clients and Invoicing between Dynamics CRM and Xero. Invoices and their reconciled payments in can be connected to business activity in Dynamics 365, enabling powerful business intelligence reporting of revenue received vs cost to serve on a per client basis.


Fin365’s integration with Xero’s WorkflowMax project management software, automatically synchronises data about jobs managed in WorfklowMax back to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, providing our customers a true 360 degree view of customer engagement.

Consilium Wrap (New Zealand)

Our integration with Consilium’s Wrap platform delivers daily updates of account and holding level data directly into Fin365’s Financial Planning CRM.

Booster (New Zealand)

Fin365’s integration with Booster delivers automated updates of account and holding level data from Booster accounts directly into financial advisers’ CRM.


Whether you need to create simple or complex document templates, electronically sign documents, or generate documents interactively, in batches or through automated flows, Xpertdoc provides robust capabilities empowering your business users to simplify, optimize and automate any document process. Xpertdoc seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365 providing Fin365 customers another powerful document templating solution.

Dash Software

Through its Advice Marketplace, Dash Software delivers a simplified way for its customers to select and connect to an extensive menu of financial planning software solutions, including client engagement, product research and document generation tools. Along with a range of third-party solutions, the marketplace also includes Dash Software’s highly-rated applications including DynamicDocs, Client Fact Find and Highlighter tool.


RetireMap is a powerful, multifaceted financial planning tool that utilises advanced algorithms, templates, and automation of complex calculations to streamline the financial modelling process, making planning easier, faster, and more enjoyable for both adviser and client.

Fin365’s integration with RetireMap enables all relevant client data to automatically flow into RetireMap’s powerful modelling engine, reducing duplication of data entry and further enhancing the efficiency with which complex advice can be delivered to clients.


iFactFind™ is a cloud-based application for holistic financial advisers and planners looking to professionalise and update their manual, static client fact-finding process. A permanently updateable data collection system that allows you to gather and update your client’s information like never before – and a whole lot more. iFactFind provides true interactivity between client and adviser, enabling real-time progress visibility. Configurable to match the scope of advice required by the client and deemed appropriate by the adviser, iFactFind is living software that provides a dynamic set of data that meets all compliance obligations.


Unlock the potential of Open Finance.

Fin365’s integration with Yodlee enables information about your clients’ financial information, such as bank accounts, credit cards/loans & industry super funds to automatically flow into your CRM. No more third party authorities or calling the client for an update. When your clients login to the Fin365 portal, they’ll see a real time view of their entire financial situation.