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Case studies and success stories from companies who use Fin365 to enhance the client experience and improve business efficiency.

Advise Wise

Milsons Point, NSW

Fin365 has made our business more productive, efficient and profitable. The flexibility of the system, the ease of use for our team and the insights that the system provides us means we now have a CRM that supports both our strategic and operational requirements.

– Matthew Fenning, Director

Apprise Advisory

Carlton, Victoria.

As a newly self-licenced business, we quickly realised the need for a proper CRM to centralise business data and activity. Thanks to Fin365 we have rich business intelligence about our business revenue, have streamlined and automated many of our business processes, and are now starting to take advantage of their client facing features like the online fact find and client portal. Their ongoing support model has ensured we’re constantly finding new ways to extract more value from the system.

– Tim Carrigg, Managing Director

Graham Wealth

Swan Hill, Victoria.

I am just touching base to say thanks for your support in our transition.

I am gaining new insight into my business each week as we progress through this.

In a time of absolute disruption (industry, government, world), I am gaining clarity … it is amazing.

– Shane Graham, Director

miPlan Financial Services

Geelong, Victoria.

We couldn’t survive without the business efficiencies Fin365 provides. Given the ever-increasing overheads we have to deal with I can’t imagine how a business can operate without the centralisation of data we get with a quality CRM.

The automation of our new business, client reviews and ensures we always know exactly what’s going on in the business without the requirement of a dedicated practice manager.

Their revenue management system is a godsend. We’ve automated our annual disclosure process and have also found thousands of dollars of missing revenues through their matching capabilities. It’s surprising how revenue errors never seem to be in our favour!

– Barney Ellis, Director

White Swan Wealth

Manly, NSW.

After working for some of Australia’s largest financial planning firms and seeing how much pain they were enduring from clunky and expensive CRMs, I knew it was incredibly important to have a world class CRM when I was to start my own business. Not only is Fin365 built on Microsoft Dynamics, giving us access to Microsoft’s constant innovation and integration with Office 365, but Fin365 also adds additional ingredients required by the Australian Financial Planning industry. I know I made the right decision 3 years ago to use Fin365 in my business and I am sure anyone else would be too.

– William Hurst, Director