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How to win the financial services compliance game

A well architected and integrated CRM, overlayed with the requisite business discipline, makes it possible for financial services businesses to capture and store all the data needed to meet their compliance obligations. Fin365’s customised version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM was built by Australian financial advisers to help counter the complexity and costs resulting from the ever-changing regulatory requirements.

Fin365 - Mortgage Broker Software

FinPal’s financial planning CRM adds support for mortgage brokers

Over the last few years, there has been an increasing effort to integrate financial planning and lending services to offer consumers a one-stop-shop. Unfortunately, the integration generally stops at the sign on the door. Because advisers and brokers use different, disconnected software systems, sharing of information is still very much a manual process, resulting in a disjointed client experience. The next release of FinPal’s software will include support for mortgage brokers.

Fin365 - A better approach to risk profiling

Investfit modelling system redefines risk

Investfit has developed a tool that helps advisers present information in a way their clients are able to understand how much retirement income they give up in exchange for more stable short-term investment returns. The question for the client becomes “you could have $64,000 per year in retirement with 90% certainty* (top right of the chart), but you will likely experience some large negative investment returns on the way (eg a loss of 35% in one year), or you can have only $44,000 per year in retirement with the same 90% certainty* (bottom left of the chart) but experience a smoother ride, which would you prefer?”

Financial Planning Window To Future

Put away the crystal ball. All your clients need is a clear window.

The journey financial advisers take with their clients often results in deep relationships being formed. However, in the early stages, it can be difficult to demonstrate value and build trust. FinPal client portal offers clients a real time window into their financial planning future. Fact find information is collected directly through the portal, allowing us to provide clients an instant view of their current situation and show them how changes will impact their future outlook.

Fin365 - Platform Benefits

Financial Planning Business Intelligence – are your clients getting the love they deserve?

By monitoring time spent on ongoing service activities, financial planning businesses’ can quickly identify higher paying clients who are not receiving adequate attention or lower paying clients requiring too much attention. Business and/or fee adjustments can then be made to ensure both customer expectations and business profitability are kept at desired levels.