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FinPal’s financial planning CRM adds support for mortgage brokers

Fin365 - Mortgage Broker Software

FinPal has announced the next release of its software will include support for mortgage brokers.

According to FinPal’s CEO, Stephen Handley, “There has always been significant overlap between the worlds of financial advice and mortgage broking. Over the last few years, we’ve seen an increasing effort to integrate these services and offer consumers a one-stop-shop. Unfortunately, the integration generally stops at the sign on the door. Because advisers and brokers use different, disconnected software systems, sharing of information is still very much a manual process, resulting in a disjointed client experience”

FinPal’s software is built upon Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 CRM system, resulting in tight integration with Office 365. The system also includes features such as Client Portal, Revenue Management and Document Generation.

Handley said FinPal will quickly become a full featured solution for brokers. “Building a capable software system is all about the data. Because data required for advisers and brokers is almost identical, it is relatively easy for us to add support for the lending industry. The initial release will focus on automated workflows and support for mortgage commissions. Data specific to the mortgage industry will also flow through to existing features like our client portal and document generation system.”

In future releases, FinPal plans to connect to complementary technologies to further expand capabilities for the lending industry.

“Supporting a vibrant ecosystem is a core philosophy. Connecting to other systems enhances the ability of our customers to automate the acquisition and analysis of data, reducing the time and cost of service. Our connection to personal financial management systems such as Moneysoft is a great example.”

FinPal already has customers who provide both planning and lending services.

“We were really excited to have businesses with both financial planning and lending services come on board. We always planned to add support for brokers, but knew it would be important for our customers to participate. Having the opportunity to start adding these features now will allow us to deliver to increased efficiencies and cost savings sooner than anticipated.”

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