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How to win the financial services compliance game

A well architected and integrated CRM, overlayed with the requisite business discipline, makes it possible for financial services businesses to capture and store all the data needed to meet their compliance obligations. Fin365’s customised version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM was built by Australian financial advisers to help counter the complexity and costs resulting from the ever-changing regulatory requirements.

Fin365 - Mortgage Broker Software

FinPal’s financial planning CRM adds support for mortgage brokers

Over the last few years, there has been an increasing effort to integrate financial planning and lending services to offer consumers a one-stop-shop. Unfortunately, the integration generally stops at the sign on the door. Because advisers and brokers use different, disconnected software systems, sharing of information is still very much a manual process, resulting in a disjointed client experience. The next release of FinPal’s software will include support for mortgage brokers.