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FinPal and DBA Advisory to offer a technology driven outsourcing model for financial advisers

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DBA Advisory and FinPal have announced a partnership that aims to significantly reduce the cost of delivering financial advice by improving the technology through which advisers can manage remote team members.

DBA is a global BPO, supplying skilled professional resources across a range of industries. In Australia, its primary focus is the financial services industry where it partners with accounting and financial advice businesses to give them a competitive advantage and the flexibility to cope with ongoing change.

According to FinPal’s CEO, Stephen Handley, the partnership will make it easier for financial services businesses to lower their back-office costs by providing an “off the shelf” outsourcing solution.

“I think it’s pretty safe to say that all financial services businesses would like to find ways to combat the ever-increasing cost of doing business. Many are interested in the idea of outsourcing but have legitimate questions or concerns that deter them from giving it a try.”

“By linking businesses to DBA’s skilled resources through FinPal’s software system, we believe we have a model that will significantly reduce the barrier to entry as well as the time required to achieve a successful outcome.”

FinPal’s financial planning software uses a customised version of Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM as its foundation and then extends the functionality of the core CRM through a collection of cloud-based apps and integration with other systems.

David Lamb, co-founder of DBA’s Australian division, says FinPal is the perfect technology partner for DBA’s growing customer base.

“Like FinPal, DBA has a strong partnership with Microsoft. We’re big fans of their suite of business technologies. FinPal has taken Microsoft’s powerful set of tools and turned them into a holistic solution that makes it easy to integrate outsourced resources into their daily business processes.”

“FinPal makes it is easier for remote staff to feel part of the local team. Activities are allocated and monitored directly in the FinPal workflows. Integrated applications such as Whiteboard, Teams & Skype make communication straight forward.”

Mr. Lamb also highlighted data security as another key benefit.

“Naturally for us data security is our highest priority. It’s a comfort for us to know that the FinPal system benefits from Microsoft’s broad range of enterprise grade security capabilities.”

According to Mr. Handley the initial focus will be on the core services already being offered to financial advisers and accountants but he expects other opportunities to develop.

“Alongside their financial services offering DBA already has a strong technology focus. They are a Microsoft partner and provide technology outsourcing services into the USA. As well as the need to support our own software, we frequently engage in conversations with our customers about their overall technology strategy. Knowing DBA has the ability to provide support in this area is an additional benefit we expect to leverage in the future.”

About FinPal

FinPal is a fully integrated, cloud based, financial planning software system designed to enhance team performance, increase client engagement and reducing business risk.

At the heart FinPal’s system is a customised version of Microsoft’s, enterprise grade, Dynamics 365 CRM, ensuring reliability and scalability. Integration with Office 365 and other Microsoft software is seamless. FinPal has added all the essential financial planning features to deliver a solution that is instantly useful out of the box but easily adaptable for unique business needs.

FinPal’s value proposition is simple. Through a truly integrated financial planning software solution it will help financial planning businesses become more profitable.

For further information or to request a trial please contact:

E: [email protected]

P: 1 300 FINPAL

About DBA

In Australia, the primary focus of DBA is the Financial Services Sector. Our clients in this sector include Accounting firms, SMSF administrators, Financial Planning firms, AFSL holders and multi-disciplinary organisations.

  • DBA operates as a shared services centre in the following areas:
  • Finance & Accounting (F&A)
  • Business Administration Services
  • Financial Planning – Paraplanning and Administration Services
  • Remote IT Network Management Services
  • Legal / Property Conveyancing Services
  • Voice – based support services as an incidental package of services

The goal of the Shared Services delivery model is to allow each DBA customer to focus their limited resources on activities that support their primary business goals.

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