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FinPal releases v2.0 of its financial planning software

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FinPal ( has announced the release of version 2.0 of its financial planning software system.

According to FinPal’s CEO, Stephen Handley, the release represents a major milestone for the company.

“Over the past 12 months, we’ve been very much focused on early adopter customers, whose primary objective has been to start taking advantage of the data management and business efficiency improvements a real CRM system delivers. This release will broaden the appeal and also simplifies the onboarding process, so we can scale to a larger number of customers more quickly”

FinPal’s software uses Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 CRM system as its foundation, delivering best of breed integration with Office 365 and other Microsoft technologies. FinPal provides the customisations and additional features needed by financial advisers and mortgage brokers.

The latest release hosts a range of new features, including:

> An updated, mobile friendly, client portal with online fact find and goals tracking
> 3rd party integration with Moneysoft and Investfit
> Insurance data feeds
> A document templating system
> Mortgage broker workflows and commissions management

Although excited by the latest features, Handley indicated FinPal is really just getting started.

“Within the next 12 months, we want to make it possible for advisers to complete the entire advice process in one appointment. By connecting existing systems and technologies, we think this is a very realistic goal. We’re collaborating with other progressive companies who share the vision and are working hard to make it a reality.”

As well as making it easier for advisers to deliver advice, FinPal is also going to make it easier for them to migrate to more modern software.

“Since launching FinPal, I’ve talked to hundreds of advice businesses and not one has been satisfied with their current software. However, there’s a genuine concern about business disruption caused by change. Data migration is not as difficult as many believe. In the near future, our system will automate the data migration process, allowing advisers to move quickly and with minimal disruption. And because Dynamics CRM sits within an adviser’s Office 365 environment, once migrated, they’ll have full access and control over their data moving forward.”

About FinPal

FinPal is a fully integrated, cloud based, financial planning software system designed to enhance team performance, increase client engagement and reducing business risk.

At the heart FinPal’s system is a customised version of Microsoft’s, enterprise grade, Dynamics 365 CRM, ensuring reliability and scalability. Integration with Office 365 and other Microsoft software is seamless. FinPal has added all the essential financial planning features to deliver a solution that is instantly useful out of the box but easily customised for unique business needs.

FinPal’s value proposition is simple. Through a truly integrated financial planning software solution it will help financial planning businesses become more profitable.

For further information or to request a trial please contact:

E: [email protected]


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