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Fin365 releases integration with Voyant modelling solution for Australian financial planning market

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Fin365 has announced its latest release includes an integration with Voyant, a powerful financial modelling system that recently launched in Australia.

According to Stephen Browne, Voyant’s Vice President of Business Development, Fin365 was the logical choice as its first Australian integration partner.

“Fin365 was built by financial planners who have an in-depth understanding of the data required by a financial modelling system. We believe that an advisers tech stack should be fully integrated to avoid duplicate data entry and build efficiencies. Given we only launched in Australia earlier this year, it’s exciting to already be in a position to deliver another integrated offering that will dramatically reduce the cost of delivering advice.”

According to Fin365’s CEO, Stephen Handley, the integration of Fin365 and Voyant is evidence of the benefits an ecosystem approach delivers to financial planners.

“Legacy systems attempted to deliver on the promise of an “all-in-one” solution. In my experience, this usually leads to systems which tend to be jack of all trades but master of none. Fin365 approach from the outset was to provide our customers with a connected ecosystem of “best of breed” applications. Voyant have managed to deliver a powerful modelling application that is extremely client friendly and designed to be used interactively in client meetings. This is a major shift for our mutual customers and ultimatley leads to better client experiences and outcomes. We’re very excited to be an early integration partner in the Australian market.”

The initial integration, which has just been released, enables client data stored in Fin365’s CRM to flow to the Voyant system, forming the foundation of modelling strategies. According to Handley, Fin365 and Voyant already have plans to enhance the integration.

“Early feedback indicates this integration will save our customers at least 1 hour of duplicated data entry. In our next release modelling results from Voyant will flow back into our advice and client reporting templates, providing further efficiency gains”

About Fin365

Fin365’s innovative software solutions enable financial services businesses to deliver better outcomes to more clients, more efficiently.

Leveraging the power of Microsoft 365 enterprise technologies, we’ve added the necessary data management, connectivity and functionality required to turn these powerful tools into instantly useful solutions that deliver tangible benefits for financial planning, accounting, lending and general insurance businesses.

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About Voyant

Will your clients be able to send their children to university? What if they downsize their home, lose a job or want to travel extensively post Covid. With Voyant AdviserGo, you can confidently show your clients in a visual way that you understand what they need and that together, you’ll handle it.

With simulation testing, tax consideration modeling, and integration capabilities, Voyant AdviserGo allows you to transform your clients’ dreams into a testable reality. The powerful modelling software visually impacts on your clients understanding of their financial future so that with good advice they can make better long term financial decisions. Voyant is designed to be used live and interactively in client meetings. It’s lightning fast calculation engine and intuitive user experience empowers advisers to create WOW moments for the client by giving them an unapparelled understanding of their financial world and the value of advice. It empowers them to make decisions through understanding and in the spirit of partnership with their adviser.

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